If one look at the discussions and the states involved in the discussions in forming the 1951 Convention in the UNHCR web site, one immediately notes that USSR and People’s Democracies are not party to any of the discussions or the decisions taken.
They are not signatures of the convention and are not members of the UNHCR.

This was not the case regarding the Human Rights Convention.

USSR and People’s Democracies did take part in the discussions of the Human Rights Convention. HR Convention gave “democratic rights” to the fascists these enemies of democracy; shouted high and loud about freedom of all sorts but would not agree to making sure one had the material means of using those freedoms; talked much of freedom of nations but did not defend the right to self-determination of nations, and thus the freedom of colonies and sovereignty of countries; declared the human life to be sacred but did not agree to making sure war propaganda is a crime against humanity, would not prohibit wars; would not undertake to provide material means for all to live like a human- have a job and food and shelter; and would not even agree to have not the reality but the words of human rights embodied in that Human Rights Convention as a law of the land in all countries.

USSR and People’s Democracies tried to get the Human Rights Convention and UN Charter applied as much as possible. But USA and all the capitalist and feudal countries that were all lackeys of the USA would not have anything to do with it.

UNHCR and UNHCR Convention (1951) was put forward by the USA and by these countries under these conditions. When UN Charter and UN HR Convention was being trampled underfoot and UN has been transformed into an organisation controlled by the USA and thus being used by it for its war policies.

This simple fact is most clear from its history: supposedly to tackle European Refugee problem and supposed to have no more life than 3 years; it is still going strong and dealing not with less number of refugees but 83 million at the last count-and never believe what UNHCR tell you for the numbers are much higher!

If we go back to 1951 we see that the idea behind UNHCR and its convention is not to defend refugees and to put an end to new refugees being created; on the contrary the very idea behind UNHCR and it convention is to defend Nazis-Fascists, their collaborators, those traitors to all nations and countries. We all know this if from nothing from “West Germany”: it is a state built by USA and UK using the Nazis! And furthermore, armed to the teeth to make another war-and thus to create more war refugees!
Another simple fact is Israel! One of the reasons why Israel was created was to solve refugee problem regarding Jewish people in Europe. What did UK and USA do? First they organised the reactionary Arab states under their military command and attacked Israel-creating more refugees; than they have turned Israel into a USA-UK stooge and created Millions of Arab-Palestinian refugees-and it turns out they do not even accept them as refugees- giving them a special statues. And what happened to all those refugees? They are still refugees!

They have saved fascists from the wrath of the peoples and called them refugees and used these reactionary group of people running away from their nation and countries to declare that they are refugees and that is why they would not give them back to say People’s Poland of 1951-for they were using them to attack people’s democracies and USSR!
In USA they have actually passed a law that gave hundreds of millions of dollars in 1951 to these “refugees” (that is Nazis) so that they could organise as guerrillas and be smuggled back into USSR and People’s Democracies: an open misuse of “refugees” and an open declaration of interference with the internal affairs of other nations and countries!

Whereby we come to a strange event that has occurred in UK at the end of 1940s and beginning of 1950s! CPGB and the Miners Union, one of the best of human race at the time, would object to “the Polish Refugees” coming as miners to work in the mines!

And all the Trots of today “shame” us for this! Well after all they were and still are the “honourable defenders” of human shaped Nazi barbarians! For they are themselves just that!

Look at the present day world in the making of which UNHCR is a party; war refugees are all over the world and just as UNHCR was started for the aim of misusing the war refugees so now it is misusing the refugees they create as a means of war-where all refugees are misused by the top Nazis of today!

Them who turned food and medicine into a means of war; them who turn water into a means of war; them who force people from their home and turn misery of refugees into a means of war; them who propagate war; them who spend all our wealth to make war; them who use micro-chips for war; them who are dead and rotten and yet walk this earth..

They be dammed!

Death to barbarians!

Direct Democracy (Communist) Party.