After the second world war two parallel markets were formed. One formed around USSR and included the People’s democracies, the other comprised the world Imperialist Capitalist market, formed around USA and included all the capitalist-feudal markets.(Note 1)

(Note 1; Before the end of Second World War and formation of the people’s democracies, coupled with the USA economic embargo of USSR and People’s Democracies, there was one world capitalist market. USSR could only trade with the world capitalist market. After the second world war and with the formation of the people’s democracies a new world market, that of socialist-democratic market came into being. USSR and people’s democracies could now trade amongst themselves. Just as the USSR and people’s democracies represented new, socialist, economic, social and political countries, so the trade amongst them was of a qualitatively different nature. The aim of this trade was to help each other, but mainly of USSR helping the people’s democracies. Only through planning of each country’s economy in accordance with Lenin-Stalin plan of building socialism-communism could the support to be given to others and support to be received from others could also be planned in a way that could help the building of socialism-communism. Thus, this trade was also developing a common planning that covered all the socialist states-not yet perfected but certainly perfecting itself.)

Socialist-Democratic market formed around USSR was developing without crises, USSR was building communism, while the people’s democracies in Europe were building socialism, and the peoples democracies in Asia, mainly China, were preparing the ground to start building socialism.

The fact that USSR and people’s democracies dropped from the sphere of world market of capitalism exasperated the general crises of capitalism which was compounded by their attempt to strangulate the socialist-democratic market through their embargos.

What was the most important factor that was deepening the crises of world capitalist system? It was the building of communism by USSR and of socialism by European people’s democracies, and of building of the ground to start building socialism by the Asian people’s democracies, and thus that these countries were no longer a part of the world capitalist market.

After 1953 and with the change of course in the USSR and peoples democracies towards the restoration of capitalism through all out degeneration this most important factor has been turned into a means of lightening the problems of world capitalist market formed around the USA. The two markets has begun to turn into a single market of world capitalism formed around USA. (Note 2)
(Note 2; How ever much the world imperialism formed around USA and how ever much Titoite-Trotskyites who took over the running of these countries and begun the restoration of capitalism might wish to become fully fledged part and parcel of the world capitalist market, this could not be done. This is due to the fact of extremely powerful productive capacity of those countries, especially of the USSR. World capitalist market simply could not absorb this productive capacity. (We have seen a similar but much smaller marketing problem during Mrs. Thatcher’s attempt to privatise the publicly owned houses. She could not do it all at once not because she did not want to do it all at once but because the housing market could not handle it! House prices would have collapsed.) This capacity had to be destroyed. And European imperial powers had to be put on their feet and at the same time and through this method had to be forced into a positon of subservience to USA/UK. Slow degeneration, slow running down of the socialist countries and the socialist market was the only option. Nor would the political situation in the USSR and people’s democracies permit this. It is thus that the economic structure of the socialist countries was turned into a mess, development of the productive capacity run down, and resources used to further develop the capitalist states all around the world. While China was allowed to “sleep” until 1980s!)

The building of communism in USSR and of socialism in the people’s democracies would have caused the crises of world capitalism to deepen. These countries, in line with their economic progress, would develop their science and technique of production, would start to produce plenty and thus would set up an example for the workers and peoples of the world, and they would be in a positon to help other countries that drop off from the world imperialist system.

After the second world war one of the peoples’ democracies begun to betray the world movement and begun the restoration of capitalism. Yugoslavia. This country, led by Tito and gang, these Trotskyites, begun their restoration of capitalism in 1948, they begun to open up Yugoslavia to USA and other imperial powers and cut off Yugoslavia from the socialist Market. They claimed to be independent of USSR and USA and yet were subservient to USA in all respects. The restorers of capitalism in Yugoslavia, Titoites were outright Trotskyites, and were outright spies of USA/UK!

After the second world war there were other countries claiming to be “independent”, and yet run by bourgeois and feduals, and they were not at all in support of communism- they were in fact busy fighting communism. They were not able to cut off from world imperialist system, did not want world imperialist system to come to an end, for that would mean their own end too, but most certainly wanted the world communism to come to an end!

It is these countries and Yugoslavia that have been supported after Stalin at the expense of building communism in the USSR and socialism in the people’s democracies. It is these countries that led the so called none aligned movement. (Note 3)
(Note 3; after 1953 USSR and people’s democracies and all our parties became part and parcel of the third roaders in general.)

After the second world war all those who were against imperialism and knew that the only way to independence is through cutting off the imperialist chain their countries are tied to, were forming a united front around USSR and people’s democracies. And all those opposed to this cutting off of imperialist chain were forming a united front around USA. The so called “independent” countries the so called “none aligned” movement were actual third roaders who were to be found in every movement of the people against imperialism. Their aim and purpose in life was to divide the united front forming around USSR against imperialism.

Thus this “none aligned” movement whose roots go to 1955 Bandung conference represent this third roaders in relation to the independence of countries and nations, and this “none aligned” movement gets to be supported by the so called communist movement after Stalin, led by Khrushchev, Brejniev, Gorbochov and Mao and Enver and Kim il sung and Castro, and of course the well know traitor and USA-UK spy Tito the new Trotsky! So much so that “none aligned” take their place of pride in the program of the CPSU under Brejniev!

All our parties become third roaders after 1953. Inclusive of those that talk a lot of revolution and violent revolution!

Opening up the communist-democratic movement to these and other third roaders can be seen in all aspects of our movement.

After the second world war the fact that there is another way of democracy that is different to the bourgeois democracy with its restrictions of democracy in all aspects of a nation’s, of a country’s life became clear and thus begun a movement for people’s democracy in all countries of the world. All communist parties in the world came forward in defence of democracy, demanding that democracy should be defended and extended and should lead to people’s democracy. This was causing political problems to the so called democracies of the imperialist world forcing them to come out as opponents of people’s democracy, of even bourgeois democracy. Movement for democracy, movement for people’s democracy was progressing all over the world as a means of defending nations’ and countries’ independence and democratic governance. It was a militant program of democracy, inevitably leading to proletarian democracy, this was a program of people’s democracy. This program was totally against the nation and country remaining within the imperialist chain of states, totally against the domination of the country and nation by USA imperialism. This was again compromised through the third roaders, and transformed into program of compromise and preservation of the rule of the imperialists and domination of the USA.

The same happened with the world peace movement! Instead of a peace movement where the defenders of peace and makers of war are clearly separated and exposed, third roaders were pulled into the movement and the whole movement degenerated into a talking shop while the imperialist were helped in their war plans and wars! (Note 4)
(Note 4; 1963 meeting of peace movement in Moscow sees the representatives of these third roaders, led by the likes of Bertrand Russel, invited by Khruscevites, leaving the meeting in protest. Peace movement was already compromised by the establishment of the infamous “Warsaw Pact” and military supplies being provided to many an “independent bourgeois states” etc. (USSR and people’s democracies were utterly opposed to the formation of military pacts, did not form military pacts and exposed the military pacts of the war mongers of imperialism, such as NATO!))

UN instead of becoming an arena of battles fought for the independence of nations, independence of countries and exposer of war makers and oppressors of peoples, was allowed to become a talking shop.

Did all these changes after 1953 leading to the dissolution of the socialist market caused a change in the proposals of Stalin regarding the world capitalist market and technique of production of capitalism?

No they did not.

World capitalist market has never been steadied in spite of all the support given to it by the restorers of capitalism, these Trotskyites and even now when the single world market has clearly been established since 1990! (Note 5)
(Note 5; Just observe the simple fact that even after the destruction of the productive capacity of USSR, which already was not what it should have been due to the Titoite-Trotskyite policies, to the tune of more than 70%, with trade going back to the barter days, Russia is still not allowed into the world capitalist family as a fully fledged partner-however much the x Trotskyite new oligarchs beg their imperialist “partners”!)

Did production technique developed faster after 1953. No clearly not. Computers have been around for 70 years, micro chips for 50 years, and fully automated production has been possible ever since. Fully automated Soviet Piston Factory of 1949 is world famous. Where is the fully automated production? In the nightmares of capitalists and restorers of capitalism! And in the nightmares of peoples in the form of military technique of mass murder!

Did it lead to a change in relation to Stalin’s view that defeated imperialist countries, such as Germany would rise and the contradictions amongst the imperialists may lead to a war amongst themselves instead of them all uniting against USSR and fighting USSR – and this was actually what had happened before and during second world war?

Well. Yes and no!

Due to the change in the character of the communist parties all the imperialist countries were run by traitors to their nations. These forces made these countries subservient to USA imperialism-and they were joined by the restorers of capitalism in the USSR and people’s democracies. These imperialist countries have also united around USA to restore capitalism in the USSR and Peoples democracies, and to transform all communist parties of the world into reformist forces and thus to defeat world communism-and they were successful. But this unity was not against USSR that was building communism and people’s democracies that were building socialism, but against USSR and people’s democracies that were actually restoring capitalism and destroying the socialist market and were themselves uniting around USA and seeking USA domination. It is in this period that all countries took part in transferring funds to USA, accepting USA domination, so that it can build an absolutely dominant military power that “no one can stand against”.

It is only after the Greek crises and when Germany refused to do as it was told that contradictions amongst the “western” imperialists have begun to become important. All this Brexit and Trump business is nothing but a reformation of imperial domination relations because Germany is attempting to break through the USA domination. Half heartedly true, but still contradictions with USA instead of accepting without questioning of USA domination is visible and only nowadays do we see the USA domination (in combination with UK) that was accepted and obeyed being challenged ever slightly so! (Note 6)
(Note 6; We can draw one conclusion from this for our own communist history; all those contradictions amongst the imperialist powers that was talked of, that we have been fed with. All that talk was used to hide the fact that all these countries were ruled by traitors to their country and their nations, that they were all subservient to USA, and that these countries included the USSR and people’s democracies. One theory used for this purpose was that imperialist countries are independent and they themselves oppress others. This was the means of hiding the fact that imperialist countries such as Germany, France, Japan, Italy (and smaller European ones) and indeed even UK were being ruled by national traitors who have sold the country to the USA domination! “They are imperialist” they can not be nationally dependent countries! Such was this so called “revolutionary theory” hiding the national traitors from the workers of those lands!)


After 1953 all economic laws of socialism begun to be undermined and not applied in the USSR and people’s democracies. This has invariably led to outright restoration of capitalism in 1990 (Date of dissolution of USSR: 26 December 1991). In the meantime, until 1990s, this has led to the weakening of the socialist countries, to their unification with the world capitalist market, in the fashion of Yugoslavia-but not exactly like Yugoslavia. This has also led to the dissolution of the socialist market, it becoming part and parcel of the world capitalist market and thus being effected by its general crises-just as Trotsky has wished decades ago.

USSR was such a developed socialist country that its dissolution, and thus the dissolution and full integration of “the socialist market” around it took decades to organise. The none application of the economic laws of socialism and thus inevitable crises of economic life of USSR and people’s democracies, its ever increasing dependence on USA and other imperialist countries, coupled with their political integration to world imperial order was the main reason for the destruction of communism. (Note 7)
(Note 7: Destruction of East European peoples democracies and USSR at the end of 1980’s and beginning of 1990s is not due to their economies not being able to survive as of old, but because they have become part of the world capitalist market and subservient to USA (UK) and the USA(UK) dominated world capitalist market needed a new adjustment to be able to carry on. Destruction of the economies of these countries was considered necessary and useful and doable and thus it was done. Their productive capacity was thus destroyed to the tune of 70+% and only thus could they be integrated into the capitalist world market.)

But this was not all.

USSR and people’s democracies have begun the process of supporting the so called “independent” countries that came to form the “none aligned” movement. A lot of projects that help establish capitalism and thus the capitalist world market was provided to these countries-this was propagated as the infamous “none capitalist road of development”. Thus these countries were provided by means of developing capitalism at the expense of socialist countries and at the expense of building socialism-communism in the USSR and people’s democracies. These countries were thus indirectly able to support the world imperial capitalist order better! These countries were also provided with plenty of armaments by USSR and people’s democracies. Thus world capitalism that was forced to armaments and wars to solve its problems were provided political and material means of war making by the restorers of capitalism in USSR and peoples democracies.

Thus so called socialist countries such as Yugoslavia, Cuba, Korea, Vietnam, and more, Ethiopia, Afghanistan…were all used as a deep pool of expenditure that did not help build socialism in these countries, did not build socialism in these countries, but most certainly helped misuse the potential of our motherland-and people’s democracies- and to their diversion away from building of socialism-communism. (Note 8; 9 and 10)
(Note 8: It is well known that Tito the Trotskyite declared USSR an imperial power and people’s democracies as countries dependent on this imperial power. (Note that this Yugoslavia was “passed onto” by USA to USSR as regards provision of military equipment, military projects and all sorts of credits) thus this idea of “social Imperialism” of USSR originates, first in Trotsky, and later is pushed forward by Tito. It is later on taken up by China and Albania and others.

Was USSR an imperial power between 1953 and 1991? No it was not. It was a power that was busy restoring capitalism in USSR and people’s democracies, and help destroy the world communist movement. It was a power busy getting rid of the second parallel market, the socialist market and organising the convergence of this market into the world capitalist market. All the activities of USSR and people’s democracies (including China and Albania) as well as the communist parties going along with these restorers of capitalism and destroyers of the socialist world market is to be taken first and most of all as activities to restore capitalism and destroy the world socialist market, and thus world communism. It is thus that these activities of these states are not imperialistic (or domination) orientated. It is restoration orientated!

Were the policies of USSR and people’s democracies (including China and Albania) social imperialist policies. Yes they were, but not in the sense that as countries they were imperialist. It was social imperialist in the sense that they were adapters to world imperialism, to world domination of USA (and UK). As traitors to communism and thus to world proletariat! As active participant in the organisation of the domination of the world by imperialism, dominated by USA (and UK).)

(Note 9; due to the fact that USSR and people’s democracies were extremely developed industrially and were such modern nations and the world capitalist market was so narrow, incapable of absorbing the productive potential of these countries in the world capitalist market, in a capitalistic way, that these countries were slowly run down-even then they could not run them down industrially- they, through economic and social means, made life difficult for the people in the midst of all that industrial development, and only when they felt they could really destroy them without much come back and when they needed it to manage the world economy did they took the step to destroy these countries well and good with the cooperation of Trotskyite traitors in power. Take note that even today, even after all the subservient positions, Russian monopolist capitalism is not being accepted into the world capitalist economic relations. For even now, after all the destruction if Russian capitalism is not controlled and kept weak, if it is allowed to trade as a “normal part” of the world capitalist market, it would extremely speedily become a producer of plenty of high quality machines and all sorts of products. The days of Trotsky when Russia, restored to capitalism thanks to a Trotsky government, could be kept as a simple raw material producer and nothing more is no longer doable. Present day Trotskyites, Putin and co., cannot do it however much they may want to! On the one hand world capitalism cannot turn Russia of 140 million into a Norway as a country that is raw material producing and living relatively well, on the other Russia in spite of all the transfer of goods and trained people, all Soviet wealth to imperialists, is still heavily industrial, heavily working class, well trained at that, society. It must be controlled, not allowed to function as a capitalist country “freely”. Even China, this source of cheap products for the imperialist world, this Hilferding’s colonial China that was to feed the imperial world with cheap products, in less than 40 years of utterly and totally dependent development of capitalism that is integrated to the world imperialism is turning into a problem that need to be controlled! They must be saying better leave it on its own, stuck in the past, part of world capitalism but without any integration to the world capitalist system-but than that has been lost.

Here is your Russia, here is your China, and here let us see what you can! Your India is on its way too! World imperialism has “too much” technology and too many possible sources of power-with their nuclear bombs and all!)

(Note 10; the so called space program used to declare the might of USSR must be seen as another means of misdirecting our potentials-together with the so called armament industry. One should also take note of “Hollywood style” “cult of the individual” perpetrated around the astronauts-and through them around the “political leaders” such as Khrushchev. Similarities with the USA’s “cult of the individual” formed through Hollywood, magazines, etc., must be noted. Celebrity culture is indeed the cult culture.)

It should be seen as diversion of the movement away from building socialism-communism not only in the USSR and people’s democracies around it, but also in those so called socialist countries that are supposed to be objecting to them “in a radical way”-such as China. For a study of their history clearly reveal that they all have one commonality: That commonality is the fight against Lenin-Stalin plan of building socialism-communism and an application of Tito-Trotsky method of “building socialism” which is nothing but restoration of capitalism.

It is thus that so called “revolutionary” movements were also used to divert our movement away from proletarian class struggle, from communism, and “their victory” such as in Cuba was used not only to put up a “revolutionary” façade for the outright restorers of capitalism, but also to divert the world movement towards petty bourgeois adventurism. And expenditure in those countries by the USSR and other people’s democracies, by those traitors to communism in collaboration with their traitorous comrades in those countries was declared to be a way of building socialism (a la Tito, a la Trotsky). Many ways of “building socialism” were practised so long as they are opposed to Lenin-Stalin way of building socialism-communism! These “ways of building socialism” were nothing but ways of restoration of capitalism. (Note 11)
(Note 11; no one should be taken in by the anti Trotskyite garbage that they have produced, as well as anti Tito garbage they have produced. You will see not one objection to the fact that Lenin-Stalin plan of building socialism-communism have been trampled underfoot, that they themselves are engaged in this undermining, that they in their own way have been adapting Tito way of, “different forms of” building socialism. No one should be taken in by all the talk of “people’s state” as opposed to “proletarian dictatorship” for who ever saw a proletarian dictatorship that actually is engaged not in building socialism but in restoring capitalism, not adapting Lenin-Stalin plan of building socialism in their concrete conditions, but coming up with “other ways” of building socialism a la Tito! )


The diversion of socialist countries away from building socialism and communism towards restoration of capitalism and thus the division (USSR vs China) and the orientation of socialist market towards world imperialist market, towards re creating one and indivisible world capitalist market (this beloved all powerful market of Trotsky) have helped all capitalist countries to unite around USA(and UK). They have all become subservient to USA, they were and are ruled by national traitors, while socialist countries were going out of their way to become subservient to USA. (Note 12)
(Note 12; We all know why Cuba is suffering. It is all because of USA’s embargo, not because the socialist market was destroyed, not because socialism in USSR and people’s democracies were destroyed, not because they themselves did not build socialism. if only USA would lift the embargo.

Such bourgeois ideas was rarely expressed in our movement! It is now the norm for traitors of all sorts who are supposed to represent our movement)

After 1953

A) All agreed to accept USA dollar (and UK sterling) as the money with “gold standard”. Instead of USA selling its products to Germany, France, Italy, Japan and others, they all begun producing and selling to USA (and UK)-either through money borrowed from these-through finances provided by these, and/or through the production and trading facilities established by these in Germany, France, Italy and others of Europe and Japan! All was done using dollars and sterlings-which USA and UK could simply print! But all round domination belonged to USA and dollar.

It is thus that USA was able to build bases all over the world and formed armed forces “second to none” and fought wars to defend the imperial system for all.

This system of USA putting in paper and getting dollar (and that dollar being gold denominated-one ounce of gold (28.35grms) being 24 dollars) and buying all that they produced and they built all their productive capacity using dollar from USA, and in spite of all the support given to the imperial system by USSR and people’s democracies while trying to restore capitalism, came to an end in the beginning of 1970s. 20 years at most after Stalin. (Note 13)
(Note 13; The “roving 60s” as it is called in Europe-and USA, “these good times” in these countries coincide with extremes of poverty in colonial countries, with wars in colonial countries and with the support of USSR and People’s democracies to them.)

It is thus that Germans asked for their Gold at the beginning of 1970’s! Here are all the dollars we have accumulated selling things to you, give us gold, one ounce of gold for 24 dollars! And here Nixon, USA told them where to go! USA said no! One ounce of gold gone up to over 1000 dollars, and barely stabilised around 750 dollars.

That was the end of Brettonwoods and “gold standard” of Dollar. (Imagine how many years the whole world fed USA with goods using that dollar that was to be one ounce of gold equals 24 dollars! It was a nice set up that one prints paper in green, calls it dollar, and they all can’t get enough of it to give you all sorts of machines, raw materials, lands for military bases, soldiers and food. Monopoly is good for some!)

Did the capitalist world, and the world of restorers of capitalism thus put an end to the monopoly of USA dollar? No they did not. It was replaced by what is called the petro dollars, and the agreement that dollar should be the international means of trade and reserve money by all was kept, while the price of gold was to be determined by the market for gold. Take note that the gold market was also monopolised by USA-and UK who holds the gold of many a developing country at its “Bank of England”! (Venezuelans can not get their gold back from England these days! Such is “law abiding capitalism” of the monopolists! Neither can Germans get their gold from USA! Saudis and other oil rich Arab countries loaded with dollars were not allowed to accumulate gold and silver-they were not allowed to buy huge amounts of these in the world market. Dollar is what you will have they were told-and spend it as we tell you!)

This dollar domination is directly related to the domination of all financial activities by USA and hand in hand with them by UK! (Note 14)
(Note 14; the so called nationalisation of oil by OPEC countries was not and is not a project of oil rich countries but a USA/UK project whereby the dollars accumulated in Germany etc., were forced into paying for oil. Thus they had to spend their accumulated dollars to buy oil instead of demanding gold for it. This made oil rich countries rich-dollar rich. And the dollar is controlled by USA. Take note that if one wants to buy-sell oil, one has to use dollar!)

It is only nowadays that this dollar domination of oil trade and oil rich countries having lots of dollars that they do not know how to spend, is being challenged-ever so slightly, which is very much related to the overall problems of the world system dominated by USA/UK. This is leading to and will lead to changes in the relationships of oil rich countries and USA/UK. Israel will also go through some changes in its relationships!

Only nowadays are we seeing a half hearted attempt to put an end to this monopoly of USA dollar and their financial activities. (Note 15)
(Note 15; Lenin noted that commodity production, as simple commodity production, comes to this world together with usury-the days of beginning of slavery. That the developed commodity production in the form of monopoly capitalism is going to end as a huge, monstrous, worldwide form of usury applied by the monopolist banks and financial services industry! The scope of present day usury dominated by USA and UK, participated by France, Germany, Japan, Italy, Sweden etc., is so huge that it is about to devour all the participants-it is thus that USA/UK are trying to devour all others through usury so that they are not devoured by the whole system of usury they have created. The debt owned by “some” amounts to 180 trillion dollars. What can they do with all that money if those debts are paid back to these people who own those debts? Their market is already saturated-for people are starving and being killed in wars! The world capitalist system (of usury) is well and truly stuck!)

Monopoly of USA dollar is not the only monopoly bestowed upon USA by the world financial oligarchs and by the world bourgeoisie and feudals, these enemies of the nations of the world and these enemies of democracy and peace.

B) They have been given a monopoly in the control of raw materials (oil is a well known one, but also almost all metals) (this is Mrs. Thatcher’s infamous “our oil and car economy” if you like. Oil from USA/UK; cars from others); they have been given a monopoly in trade of almost all what is called “commodities” (coffee, chocolate, wheat, corn, sugar, orange-juice- etc.,). USA on its own but particularly together with UK, have monopoly in all these things. They control both the production and sale of all these things, or they control the production of these things through their monopoly of the trade in these things. “Metal Exchange” “Commodities exchange” and the “futures” in all these commodities are monopolised by USA and UK, thanks to their monopoly of dollar and fanatical activities all over the world!

Only nowadays are we seeing a half hearted attempt to put an end to this monopoly. And this attempt is again very much part of the changes the whole world system of USA/UK domination, the world capitalist system is going through.

C) They, particularly USA, have been given a monopoly in computerisation. So much so that so called dot com bubble that burst must be seen as a means of transferring funds to USA to establish its monopoly in this sphere. Software monopoly, and the infamous “intellectual property rights” bestowed upon them have transferred quite a lot to USA-I mean what is the real value of all those software companies such as Microsoft? It would be almost nothing without a monopoly agreed by all! This is followed by the monopoly in the “cyber space” that is internet. All those companies such as facebook that would not be worth the paper they are written on is worth the earth! And you shall not find many producers trying to challenge Intel as regards the production of the micro chips that make all the computerisation possible! (Note 16)
(Note 16; Reader should take note of the restorers of capitalism particularly in this sphere. The second production facility in the world that could produce computers (not using micro chips) was built in USSR-1952. Many a processes were fully automated using this ability by 1956. Then comes an end to computerisation and automation. Thus monopoly in this field is left to the USA. Computerisation that would have made automation and thus production of plenty possible is refused. Computerisation that would have made planning so easy and direct and thus transition to communism so easy was refused-as well as whole planning administration being turned into a yo-yo, and thus the application of the economic laws of socialism being made impossible. Restorers of capitalism did not want the fact that they were taking the economy down a blind alley-of capitalist restoration-to become so easily and readily observed and they certainly did not want to achieve plenty through automation of all and thus transformation of all property to communal property based on plenty. No wonder they objected to “product exchange” and got stuck on “commodity exchange”! No wonder they objected to automation of production using computerisation and to computerisation of planning.

And take note. You shall not see a single defender of “proletarian dictatorship” “of revolution” “of revolutionary violence” ever touching such unpleasant issue as computerisation that directly relate to the fact of not building modern proletarian socialism-communism either in USSR and people’s democracies or in their own countries. But the talk of revolution is cheap and plenty!)

D) It is thus that they have been given a monopoly in military power, including secret/intelligence services. One should of course never forget the “special relationship” of UK with USA in military and intelligence activities, and especially one should never forget the “5 eyes” that sees and hears all made up of USA/UK and UK controlled Canada/Australia and New Zealand. Monopoly in computerisation, internet and all forms of communication related to this is central to the present day intelligence activities and military activities dominated by USA/UK, by their “5 eyes”!

E) All these monopolies is confounded by the USA/UK’s monopoly of “culture and ethics” through American cosmopolitanism! Talk about “cult of the individual”! This culture revolves around the “cult of the individuals” who become rich and famous thanks to this cult culture! These “celebrities” of art and literature, of media of all kinds; of science and politics, of “money makers”, the rich and famous. Even the military and royalty are part of this. Don’t be surprised if all the spies come out and demand a bit of that “fame” and fortune for themselves!

This culture of gangsters, this culture of murder stories, this culture of “sex, drugs and rock and roll” this outright degeneration of the society where honour and honest work is frowned upon, where war makers are not criminals who are committing crimes against humanity but “heroes” of novels and papers and big screen and small screen…where war propagandists are not criminals committing crimes against humanity but writers and anchor men and all that, where they who make science and technology to produce bigger and bigger, “better and better” killing facilities for the mass murderers pass for scientists, where prostitution is defended by the prostitute as her (and not to forget his) right to choose and anyone who wants to put an end to it is “killed” by the prostitute in defence of her right to be a prostitute (oh yes, that was a part of a TV drama series! Russian prostitute did it! ) Where those who come up with economic polices that starve millions are “honoured as the best economists” where makers of war are “honoured” as peace makers (by say Nobel Prizes)….and all take part in this monopoly of cosmopolitan “culture” and “ethics”, and here too USA (UK) leads the way and dominate their willing, subservient “partners”!