What determines the future of the proletariat, peasants, merchants and artisans, professionals, also known as the middle class, intellectuals and oppressor and oppressed nations in the world right now?

The war between the proletariat and the financial capitalists, between the communists and the imperialists!

The existence and future of the world depend on whether the communists will win in this war, whether they are victorious or not. Anything and everything has to be evaluated according to the place they take in this war, their contribution or the damage they cause to the concrete, practical results of this war

Revolutionary or counter-revolutionary?

What did you do in this war and what use are you brother?

Did you knowingly or unknowingly contribute and continue to contribute to that rotten corpse of world imperialism wandering around as if it were a living being, and as if it were the lord of a derelict village? Or do you contribute to the resurgence of communism and the destruction of imperialism?

If what you do is due to a trend, a class or a stratum that contributes to both sides of the scale, which side of the scale does your actions contribute more to? What is the relative and yet practical result of your activities?

The international and hence the internationalist character of the proletarian movement took concrete forms at every concrete moment of social development. The factor that determines both the genuine communistness and the false communistness and genuine hostility to communism of the “communist movements”, and the revolutionary or counter-revolutionaryness of non-communist movements, is measured, just like the internationalism of the proletarian movement, the communist movement in the scale of the contributions they made and will make to the victory of the world communist revolution.

The communist or anti-communist character of the movements, and the revolutionary or counter-revolutionary character they acquire only in this way, are determined through this basic criterion, through the measure in the scale based on this criterion.

Individuals and political tendencies that determine the benchmark of communism and the criterion of revolutionism with their own inner logic and according to themselves, are movements that have not, and perhaps never will, grasp the internationalist character of communism and what it means. However, this determination of honor is not abstract and does not depend on the criteria invented by individuals and movements themselves. It is tangible, and is measured on a concrete, practical scale of contribution to the world revolution.